Donica Mensing

Donica Mensing

Associate Professor and Academic Chair

Donica Mensing teaches a variety of courses, from the introductory class in journalism to a graduate seminar in interactive publishing. Recently her focus has been on networked journalism and what it means for journalism education, for journalists and for communities.

She recently taught Social Journalism and Media in Modern Life, spring 2013. She attended the Journalism/Interactive conference in Gainesville in February, 2013, the International Association of Mass Communication Researchers in Dublin in June 2013 and the World Journalism Education Congress in Belgium in July 2013.

Donica is an accomplished researcher and has presented a variety of research papers at recognized journalism-focused conferences. A sample of her research papers include: "Popularity Is Not The Same Thing as Influence: A Study if the Bay Area News System," "Rethinking Journalism Education," "Participatory Journalism and the Transformation of News," and "Doing Journalism Together: Experiments in collaborative news gathering."

You can follow her on Twitter at @donica and on

Social Media

  • Media in Modern Life

    We know media are a powerful force in today's environment. But in what ways? What stories are we telling ourselves about the role of media in our lives? In this course you will explore your own media habits, analyze the political economy of the media and learn what scholars are discovering about the effects of media on individuals and on society. (This course satisfies the university social science core requirement.)

  • All Things Media: Foundations

    Introduction to journalism and strategic communications in the 21st century. Learn the foundations of producing news and strategic communications: how to ethically collect, analyze, aggregate create and publish timely information to engage public audiences. 

  • Social Journalism

    This class will help you learn about social media as a way to develop your role as a journalist. We will focus on journalism in an urban environment, learning about and contributing to local niche communities in Reno. By the end of the class, you will have an online portfolio demonstrating your ability to contribute to a community using the tools of social journalism.

    Visit the class website at:
    and view work from a previous class at:

  • Travel Journalism

    Need we say much here? Learn to write and report for the ultimate dream job--a travel journalist. Students in this course will learn to report on culture and place for travel publications.

  • Media Ethics

    Understanding and committing to ethical action is the hallmark of a professional media practitioner. In this course you will think deeply about the ethical issues related to the practice of public communication as well as explore your own values.

  • Interactive Publishing

    In this hands-on, dynamic course, students will conceptualize, produce and evaluate various forms of advanced interactive journalism in a newsroom environment with teams and deadlines.

  • News Studio

    In News Studio, you'll design and produce a multi-platform media product.

  • Participatory Journalism

    In this new age of participatory journalism, there's perhaps no course more timely and relevant. Here, you'll be introduced to the concepts and tools of interactive participatory journalism including social networking, interactive publishing and other new forms of media.