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The faculty and staff of the Reynolds School of Journalism focus on providing you with an exceptional learning experience in our classrooms, through structured extracurricular programs and as the result of extraordinary connections to the professional community.

You get to know faculty who have years of high-level professional experience.  You learn with faculty who conduct innovative research on our disciplines. You meet and network with local and national professionals.  You study historic practices.  You do real work. You have the opportunity to experiment with emerging and innovative ideas.

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Are you looking for a job in the new communications environment? Do you want to understand the changes in media that are transforming our world? Then consider a master’s degree in journalism from the Reynolds School. Are you seeking a program where a wide range of electives allows you to plan a course of study uniquely suited to your own interests? We have designed an accelerated graduate program to educate an emerging class of innovative professionals who work at the intersection of journalism, strategic communication and social media.

Our graduates go on to become social media managers, community connectors, business developers, entrepreneurial journalists, content strategists, multimedia creators, reporters, writers and public relations professionals.

We offer a three-semester intensive graduate program for students who have a journalism/ communications background and want to hone their skills to become next-generation media communicators. For students without journalism experience, we offer classes to prepare you for work in our graduate program.

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