Award winning 2013 IMC students

Twenty-five students from the Reynolds School of Journalism and the College of Business worked since fall 2012 to develop a strategic integrated marketing communications campaign that would set them apart from their spring 2013 competition. They captured first place April 19 in San Jose, Calif.

“We created a campaign that would relate the Glidden paint product to the consumer in an innovative way,” said Jessie Fagundes, the team’s account executive. “We were confident in our plan, and hopeful the judges would be able to see that our strategic campaign would make Glidden stand out from the competition.”

“I looked at Bob Felten, our faculty advisor, who was grinning from ear to ear, as if they had already announced us the winners,” said public relations senior Stephany Kirby. “My heart was racing and I kept repeating ‘come on, say it. Say the University of Nevada, Reno.’ When they said ‘University of Nevada, Reno for first place,’ we started cheering and clapping for a few moments and then many of us began hugging each other and high fiving. It was awesome that the team was able to share a common victory, and I couldn’t be more proud to share that victory with a group of such amazing people.”

Molly Moser, Reynolds School undergraduate student

“Journalism is the love of my life and I know I want to do this kind of work for the rest of my life,” said undergraduate Molly Moser. “Having the opportunity to produce real work before graduation has been a real gift. I love the Reynolds School and have gotten to work with great people. My time at the Reynolds School has helped me push forward, grow and gain confidence in myself.”

Alex Pompliano, Reynolds School graduate student

“The Reynolds School has given me an audience for my work,” said graduate student Alex Pompliano. “Seeing Nevada Media Alliance content published right next to the work of veteran political reporters is awesome. Our stories have run in the the Reno-Gazette Journal, have been broadcast on on KUNR, public radio and have aired on KNPB, Reno’s PBS affiliate.”

Alumna Lauren Hudman, Reynolds School graduate

“The fact that students at the Journalism School are treated as young professionals and expected to produce agency-quality work is a huge part of why the transition from college to the working world was so much smoother than it could have been,” said Lauren Hudman. “The high expectations placed on students by professors’ results in professional level of work, something I think is unique to the Journalism School relative to other colleges.”