The Reynolds School requires each journalism major to complete a 3-credit internship.

Key Criteria for credit internships

  • Mentors agree to pass the U.S. Department of Labor Intern Test.
  • Mentors are required to be established professionals in the field of media, with a minimum of five years professional experience
  • Mentors will supervise the student’s experience of the internship.
  • Ideally the internship pays student for worked performed.
  • The internship must be 150 hours at a minimum.
  • Mentors agree to complete theĀ Internship Mentor Final Evaluation revised 2013 form and share with the student.

To post a position complete the internship information. Once approved it will be published on this site. Publicity in house includes social media, email and bulletin postings. info can be emailed to Alison Gaulden, internship coordinator

In addition, mentors are asked to provide supervision and education for the student-a learning environment, not just work. Mentors must have expertise in the field to help the student with specific skill development. For example, if mentors are offering the student a social media position, they should be able to instruct how to adopt the company tone and voice, understand and practice message development, post schedule, review analytics to assess the outputs and outcomes of the strategies and relay the strategies related to posting practices. The idea is to not just have the student build a page and post content because of lack of skill or time.

Students will be required to assess and evaluate the skills learned and their applications to their education. They must attend three session of training at the Reynolds School as part of their course requirement. They are guided to meet deadlines for turning in evaluations and postings, and not leave that responsibility to the mentor.

A final evaluation form must be completed. Internship Mentor Final Evaluation revised 2013. This showcases the basic elements that students are learning in class and ideally are implementable or demonstrable throughout the course of the internship work experience.