To be accepted as a minor
in journalism …
… a student must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher, as well as a journalism GPA of 2.5 or higher. To be admitted to the minor, students must have completed Journalism 101, 107 & 108 earning a C or better in each. JOUR 108 & 208 must be taken concurrently with JOUR 107 & 207.
After filling out an application to enroll in the minor program, you must take JOUR 305 and one elective to complete your minor. To continue as a minor, students must maintain their GPAs of 2.5 or higher overall and in journalism.

Core classes for minors

JOUR 101 Critical Analysis of Mass Media

A healthy dose of media literacy to get you cruising down the pop culture-strewn highway toward the land of clear thinking.

JOUR 107 & JOUR 108 Multimedia News Reporting & Writing I and Media Production I

In these classes, you’ll learn how to gather, organize and report information and present it across platforms. Prepare for a challenge.

JOUR 207 & JOUR 208 Multimedia News Reporting and Writing II and Media Production II

Learn to produce advanced multimedia journalism.

JOUR 305 Media Ethics
Learn how to identify, consider and resolve ethical problems in journalism.

Electives for minors
Choose one elective course from the list below. Your choices must be approved by a journalism adviser.

JOUR 300 Visual Communication
You see a dozen magazines in the grocery store check-out line. One catches your attention and you pick it up. Why? This course examines visual literacy, perception, cognition, aesthetics and design principles.

JOUR 360 Media and Politics

Explore the intersection of communication and citizenship and political decision-making. 

JOUR 401 The First Amendment & Society
Ah, Freedom of the Press—an American tradition that we hope you’ll come to love as much as we do.

JOUR 413 History of Journalism
Ben Franklin. William Randolph Hearst. Matt Drudge. A look at the roots of the journalistic craft from colonial press days to the Internet era.

JOUR 418 Magazine Writing
Emily Dickinson called publication “the auction of the mind of man.” Learn how to get some dough for your mind—that is, your published writing—in this class.


JOUR 481 Race, Gender & Media
Explore ways in which media create and challenge social constructions of gender and race, with emphasis on women and minorities.

JOUR 499 Professional Internship
Put classroom ideas into practice in the professional realm by going to work for a newspaper, TV station, ad agency or public relations firm.