2017 Student Projects: interning at World Series of Poker

2017 Student Projects: interning at World Series of Poker
Kayla Reyes, a senior at the University, after searching for internships in the beginning of the year, found an opportunity that encompasses many of her passions. Interning for the World Series of Poker, she gets the chance to help plan events, take photos and videos, create social media content and work on their website. Continue reading the Q&A to learn more about her internship. Below are three screenshots of social media posts Reyes has created for the World Series of Poker.
Screenshots of social media posts for World Series of Poker

Q: What was your inspiration for doing this internship?

A: “When I was searching for internships back in January, I really wanted to find something that had to do with event management, media or PR. So I guess I would say my passions and interests in these fields were my inspirations. I was lucky enough to find a job that delves into all three of my interests.”

Q: Who encouraged you or helped you get this internship off the ground? How did they do that?

A: “My family, of course, supported and encouraged me when I told them I was interested in this internship.  I also had a friend in my sorority that worked for Caesars Entertainment the summer before, so she offered some advice and encouraging words as I was preparing for my interview.  Lastly, I would include myself in this list.  I’ve had jobs and internships before, but this was the first time I came across a job that I really really wanted. I would stay up late and look up basic interview questions and practice answering them out loud. I took a few days to really go over my resume and made sure it was perfect. I was really self-motivated and encouraged, and I think that helped me a lot.”

Q: Is this internship going to help your future career path? How so?

A: “I definitely think this internship is helping my future career path. It’s a great addition to my resume. The World Series of Poker is put on by Caesars Entertainment, which is the world’s largest gaming company.  And the World Series of Poker is known as the oldest and largest gaming competition in the world. During my time here, I’ve learned so much and made so many great connections. I’ve been able to work with interns from all over the country, meet media people from all over the world and work with companies like ESPN.  It’s such great exposure.”

Q: What piece of advice would you give to anyone who might want to do a similar internship?

A: “I would definitely say to be open to new environments, be dedicated and take advantage of your surroundings.  Going into this, I knew nothing about poker. But, I knew I loved handling events, doing social media and PR.  So I’ll admit it was intimidating entering this world I knew nothing about.  But it’s incredible, poker has a world and culture of its own. It’s so exciting to be part of it.  And as for dedication, I definitely think it’s important.  The event goes seven days a week and sometimes I’m working until 4 a.m.  I’ve given up a lot of my summer for this experience, but it’s incredibly rewarding and totally worth it.”

Q: What’s the most rewarding part about this experience?

A: “The most rewarding part about this experience is definitely all the new things I’ve learned.  That ranges from basic work place practices, running a website, honing my social media skills and event management. And on top of that, I’ve learned so much about the world of poker.  Like I said, I knew nothing about poker going into this internship. Now, I’m about five weeks in and feel completely immersed into the poker culture.  It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m taking away so much information and knowledge from a seven week internship!”

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