Five reasons why studying in Reno is actually the best

Five reasons why studying in Reno is actually the best

Reno is the hidden gem of the Sierras. Californians flock here for the beautiful outdoor amenities and everyone else assumes it’s just a smaller Vegas. But Reno’s days of being known as a sadder, faded version of Vegas are quickly dissolving. A new culture of art, community, and industry is changing the way Reno is perceived. Which makes this city one rad place to live, work, play and study. Let’s break it down for you.


The art scene

Photos line the wall at the Nevada Museum of Art.

Nevada Museum of Art- Photo by Krysta Scripter

Burning Man usually starts the weekend before fall semester starts, and that means the art community can be felt all in many aspects of the city, from installing Burning Man art or the yearly Reno Artown Festival. The Nevada Museum of Art hosts stunning galleries from all over the world, and the Holland Project highlights local artists and musicians of all ages. There’s also plenty of stunning murals all over downtown Reno. It doesn’t take an art major to appreciate an artsy city, and Reno definitely fits the bill.




Coffee? Coffee.

A cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.

A snowy morning outside Hub Coffee. Photo credit: Krysta Scripter

College and coffee go together like hipsters and suspenders, so it only makes sense that this old college town has an impressive coffee scene. There are half a dozen local roasters in Reno alone, several located right by the campus. One coffee house doubles as a bike shop. Get off campus and grab a latte by the river at The Jungle, or visit Hub Coffee’s convenient location across the street from the University. Whether you’re a long-time caffeine connoisseur or looking to get your quick fix before a long study session, this city’s coffee scene can’t be beat with a stir stick.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe's only 30 minutes away, making Reno a great place to be in college.

Photo credit: Pexels


Every travel article ever written on Reno talks about how great Lake Tahoe is, but really, where else can you swim in the summer and ski in the winter within a 45-minute drive from the city? This stunning mountain lake is bit of paradise for locals and travelers alike. It’s crystal blue waters make summers a kayak/paddleboard/swimmers delight, and the snowy mountains nearby attract skiers and snowboarders from all over the world.

If all that’s still not enough, check out these gorgeous underwater photos by local photographer and Reynolds School graduate student Dylan Silver.


It’s a maker community

An open tablet with Google search open.

Photo credit:

With Tesla Motors building their gigafactory just outside of Reno, and Google buying more than a 1000 acres of land right next door, Reno is setting up to be the next Silicon Valley. For students, that means being surrounded by great co-working and maker spaces.

Creative workspaces like the Reno Collective and the University’s InNEVation Center prove dynamic work isn’t just for San Francisco. There’s plenty of other great spaces, proving that Reno is a place for creators and thinkers.

Whatever your educational focus is, you’re sure to benefit from being surrounded by the great minds powering this city.


The spirit.

West Street Market sign.

West Street Market. Photo credit: Krysta Scripter

Reno isn’t just a little city, it’s the “biggest little city.” It’s got all the amenities that big cities do, without the traffic or California drivers. It’s a diamond in the rough quickly being chipped at to expose a glittering array of culture, technology and art. Reno is more than casinos and busy streets. It’s a haven for tired Californians and Burning Man artists. It’s a place of urban coffee joints and freelance workspaces. It’s a college town full of thinkers, doers, and entrepreneurs. Whatever you want to study, Reno is the place to do it.

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