2017 Student Projects: Joey Lovato’s internship at The Nevada Independent

2017 Student Projects: Joey Lovato’s internship at The Nevada Independent

Joey Lovato, a senior at the Reynolds School, interns at The Nevada Independent and is spending his summer producing podcasts and writing stories alongside top-notch political journalists at the Nevada Independent.  Stories like Gov. Brian Sandoval’s recent signing of bills related to autonomous vehicles. We picked Lovato’s brain about his summer internship.

Q: What was your inspiration for doing this internship?

A: I’ve always wanted to produce radio and podcasts and this internship offered me the opportunity to do that. I produce two podcasts for The Indy and I get to learn a ton about Nevada politics and work with some awesome people.

Q: Who encouraged you or helped you get this internship off the ground? How did they do that?

A: [Reynolds School photography instructor] David Calvert told me about the internship and told me to reach out to The Indy. So I did. After I met with two of the reporters I really liked them and they really liked me and so I got the position.

Q: Is this internship going to help your future career path? How so?

A: Yes. This is what I want to go into. And politics are something that I’ve always enjoyed learning about. So hopefully I can use this as a stepping stone for the future.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to anyone who might want to do a similar internship?

A: Apply. Never hurts to just try. Also if you want to work in audio you need to teach yourself the ins and out of Audition or Audacity or Pro Tools.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part about this experience?

A: Getting to produce something that goes out every week to thousands of listeners, and to work with a journalist like Jon Ralston.

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