What is “Wolf Pack What” and why you should join

What is “Wolf Pack What” and why you should join

No matter what your focus is at the Reynolds School of Journalism, there’s always a place for you to hone your skills and show what you can do. If you’re interested in digital video production and social media promotion, then Wolf Pack What is for you.

Wolf Pack What launched at the beginning of this year, and uses short, social media friendly videos to keep students up to date on everything from election coverage to campus events.

Wolf Pack What is comprised of eight to 10 students, who all pitch and film stories for the show. This semester, students upload their videos as single stories to social media channels. The club adopted this strategy after looking at how people consume media on social media.

Senior Mike Olinger has been on the Wolf Pack What team for more than a year and is also the president of the Online News Association Reno chapter.

“Each semester Wolf Pack What has grown away from traditional news programs and towards new formats and methods of storytelling,” Mike Olinger says. 

Undergraduate student Karina Gonzalez produces short-form social news videos about campus events.

“We’ve come a long way, and our audience is still growing,” Karina Gonzalez says. “I would really like us to reach the point when the majority of our campus knows what Wolf Pack What is.”

Through strategic social media planning and engaging storytelling techniques, Wolf Pack What has amassed over 4,000 views across 17 videos this semester. During their election coverage in November, their videos reached over 3,000 people on Facebook. One of their most-viewed videos was a post-election protest video  filmed live on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

Last fall, graduate student Luka Starmer brought virtual reality technology to Wolf Pack What content. His project helped create virtual reality news for the university campus. Starmer produced four VR videos last semester; like the March Under Arch VR video, which reached  more than 600 views during homecoming week.

Some of Wolf Pack What’s stories have included live election coverage, campus events, and  student protests. Regardless of the story, the Wolf Pack What team is always looking for stories that matter to students, in a way that students can readily access. Utilizing social media and engaging storytelling, students with Wolf Pack What create stories that are meaningful to them.

For students just getting started in digital content production or looking for an established medium to publish their work, Wolf Pack What continues to be a place for students to grow and learn in a growing media landscape.

Students can join by coming to weekly meetings on Friday at 1 pm, in room 110 of the Reynolds School. You can check out more of Wolf Pack What’s videos here.

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