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Ran Duan joins the Reynolds School as visiting assistant professor of environmental communication

The Reynolds School of Journalism welcomes Dr. Ran Duan to the school’s faculty as a visiting assistant professor in environmental communication. Her research interests include environmental science and visual communication, as well as how these fields implicate journalism practice. “I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with all the students, faculty and […]

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Busy schedule? Here are several one-credit courses that might fit

We’re going to say something that might be shocking coming from a college: sometimes, you just can’t fit another three-credit course into your schedule. Maybe Professor Goldbaum’s photography class happened at the same time another class did, and you still want the chance to work with him. Or maybe you really want to get your […]

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Students Create PSAs for Creative Solutions Advertising Class

In most of the years that Professor Bob Felten has taught his Creative Solutions class, he’s included a video element in their final. This year, however, he decided on something he hadn’t done before: he asked his students to create public service announcements (PSAs). “This year I changed it a little bit,” he said. “I […]

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Cailtin Rierson Named Fall 2018 Senior Scholar

Anyone with a dream of becoming something, like a writer or doctor, usually has someone they’re inspired by. This semester’s senior scholar, Caitlin Rierson, has an especially interesting source for her aspiration to become a journalist. “This is going to sound like a really weird reason to become a journalist, but I really love ‘Sabrina […]

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Photos: Fall 2018 Graduation Reception

The University of Nevada, Reno’s fall class of 2018 graduated this weekend, following the same yearly tradition hundreds of students before them. The Reynold’s School of Journalism’s tradition of the graduation reception is no different. Out of the entire Class of 2018, 27 undergraduate students and two graduate students received their degrees this semester. Students, […]

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