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So you think you can get a job? We’ve got some tips to help your chances.

You’re well in to your college career, and it hits you… you haven’t started prepping for the job search. While classes consume you and finals creep around every corner, there’s always one thing lurking: your future. For those who are just getting started on their career path, starting the job search can be overwhelming and […]

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The Reynolds School Welcomes Ezequiel Korin as Assistant Professor of Spanish Language Studies

Story by Alexis Solis, Reynolds School Marketing Assistant The Reynolds School of Journalism welcomes Ezequiel Korin to its faculty as an Assistant Professor of Spanish Language Studies. Korin will play an instrumental role in the development of the Reynolds School’s forthcoming Spanish Language Media program. Korin has almost 20 years of experience in communication field, […]

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Weekly Oregon Publication Honored by The Reynolds School for Tenacity and Bravery in reporting

Good journalism upholds the tenets of the First Amendment and works to uncover the stories that matter, and The Malheur Enterprise, a small weekly publication in eastern Oregon, is being honored with the Reynolds School’s Frank McCulloch Award later this month for doing just that. When Les Zaitz took over The Malheur Enterprise, a small […]


Online portfolio sites to help your work stand out from the competition

Don’t have an online portfolio? Maybe it’s time to start one. With the different tracks the Reynolds School offers, it’s easy to get confused on how to get a job in your chosen field. Just as with the different focuses and work that goes into each, you might wish to showcase  your work in different […]

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Algerian students work with Reynolds School professors through leadership program

Combining young students from Algeria with Reynolds School professors and students for two weeks during August is a tremendous learning experience. Professors worked with students to document their experiences and to take a look at what it means to “act in the world and not on the world.” The Algeria Youth Leadership Program is a […]

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Looking back at Spring 2017: Dean Baquet, Chatbot Hackathon, award-winning documentaries and more!

Spring 2017 was an eventful semester at the Reynolds School. Let’s have a look at the accomplishments of our faculty and students. New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet visited us in February, drawing big crowds on campus and downtown for inspiring conversation about the state of journalism, more important than ever. Assistant Professor Patrick […]


Reynolds School Student Receives Columbia Scholarship To Attend Native American Journalist Association Conference

Reynolds School student Jarrette Werk received the Columbia fellowship to attend the Native American Journalist Association this fall. Werk is a Native American student and after hearing a guest lecture from writer Tristan Ahtone and meeting the active Native American journalist, Werk began to get more involved with NAJA. Werk says he’s looking forward to […]


Not as hard as you think: Why this Reynolds School student is a double-major.

One School, Many stories: Why Dominique DiPietro says double-majoring isn’t hard at all from Reynolds School of Journalism on Vimeo. Getting one degree seems hard enough for most students. For double-major Dominique DiPietro, the idea that double-majoring is harder is a myth. She’ll be graduating with a degree in Spanish and journalism. DiPietro, a junior, […]

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VIDEO: Reno Mayor Announces Reelection Campaign In Advanced Reporting Class

Professor Caesar Andrews invited Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve to his advanced reporting class to hold a mock press conference. She fielded questions from students about the city spending, development and affordable housing. Toward the end of the class the mayor revealed she has plans to run for reelection in 2018. “I think we have so […]


Tough class? Want to get published? Need help editing? The Reynolds Media Lab is here for you.

Jose Olivares-Sefchick sits inside the news studio at the Reynolds School, tapping away at his laptop. On the other side of the room, a freshman is working on an audio assignment at a computer. She asks Olivares-Sefchick to read her script before she goes into the recording studio. He offers advice, helps her tighten up […]

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Should You Ask Your Advisor About – Drugs, Big Pharma And Entertainment: Modern Health Media?

Do you feel confused about drug commercials and how the media portrays health issues? Do you find yourself getting more info from Facebook and Webmd than traditional healthcare reporting? Do you have the sneaking suspicion you’re being manipulated by advertisements but can’t really put your finger on how? Do you feel the need to become […]

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