All Core Classes Visual Communication Strategic Communication News Elective Graduate Course

Jour 107: All Things Media: Foundations

Introduction to journalism and strategic communications in the 21st century. Learn the foundations of producing news and strategic communications: how to ethically collect, analyze, aggregate create and publish timely information to engage public audiences.

Jour 108: All Things Media: Design

Introduction to design principles for media production including the basics of color, typography and composition.

Jour 110: Success Strategies in Journalism

Succeeding in college takes specific skills and knowledge. In this course, professor Paul Mitchell will help you learn how to learn how to develop the habits, attitudes and knowledge necessary to achieve competency in an academic environment.

Jour 120: Media in Modern Life

We know media are a powerful force in today’s environment. But in what ways? What stories are we telling ourselves about the role of media in our lives? In this course you will explore your own media habits, analyze the political economy of the media and learn what scholars are discovering about the effects of […]

Jour 207: All Things Media: Words and Numbers

Develop journalistic skills and practices including researching, investigating, reporting, writing, analyzing data, and thinking critically and creatively.

Jour 208: All Things Media: Images and Sounds

Critique and create photo, audio and video stories that are technically adept and which effectively convey a message, as well as analyze aesthetic and storytelling choices in digital media.

Jour 300: Visual Communication

We live in a visual world. Understanding how to ‘read’ the visual images that surround us daily is critical to understanding communication today. In this course you will learn about visual literacy, perception, cognition, aesthetics, design principles, creativity, critical evaluation, and ethics related to the use of images and information in the media.

Jour 303: Media Graphics

In this hands-on lab course, you’ll learn design principles to create effective graphics and visualizations for multiple types of media.

Jour 305: Media Ethics

Understanding and committing to ethical action is the hallmark of a professional media practitioner. In this course you will think deeply about the ethical issues related to the practice of public communication as well as explore your own values.

Jour 313: Photojournalism

Want to know how to create powerful photos that tell stories? In this course you’ll learn photojournalism techniques and methods to create stories that make a difference. Camera equipment is available from the school for use in the course.

Jour 318: Narrative Journalism

Journalists are storytellers. In this class, you’ll learn the elements of what makes a great story. You’ll study classic storytelling elements and practice telling your own stories from multiple points of view.

Jour 319: Data Journalism

Do you dig data? Or, perhaps you don’t exactly “dig” data, but you want to be an investigative journalist. This course focuses on incorporating data into investigative and explanatory journalism in order to tell the most accurate and complete story possible.

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