Jour 319: Data Journalism

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Jour 319
3 Credits


Alan Deutschman
Deutschman, Alan
Professor, Reynolds Chair of Business Journalism


Elective , News

Do you dig data? Or, perhaps you don’t exactly “dig” data, but you want to be an investigative journalist. This course focuses on incorporating data into investigative and explanatory journalism in order to tell the most accurate and complete story possible.

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 207; JOUR 208; Journalism Major or Minor. Corequisite(s): Core Math Requirement.

Units of Lecture: 3
Offered: Every Spring
Upon completion of this course:

1. Students will be able to analyze factual assertions and determine their reliability.

2. Students will be able to constitute statistical proof, be able to assess the credibility of scientific studies and report on studies accurately.

3. Students will be able to locate, download, clean and manipulate publicly available databases and spreadsheets.

4. Students will be able to compute correlations, median, means and estimates and understand what they mean.

5. Students will be able to demonstrate familiarity with public information laws.

6. Students will be able to develop data narratives; find stories in data; find data to support stories.