Dave Maass joins the Reynolds School as visiting professor of media technology

Dave Maass joins the Reynolds School as visiting professor of media technology

The Reynolds School is proud to introduce Dave Maass as a visiting professor of media technology.

Maass joins the Reynolds School in partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and will be teaching alongside Dr. Gi Woong Yun this semester.

Associate dean Donica Mensing described Maass as “a rock star journalist and investigator.”

“The faculty has wanted to develop a partnership with EFF for the past couple of years to help expose students to the important issues the foundation addresses,” Mensing said. “We had a rewarding faculty field trip to visit the EFF offices in San Francisco two years ago. After several conversations, we were able to create a partnership with EFF that includes having David Maass co-teach a cybersecurity course this semester, along with Dr. Yun. He’ll be at the school several times in the next few months, giving guest lectures in other classes and meeting with students and faculty who have an interest in his work.”

At the EFF, Maass leads deep-dive investigations and large-scale public records campaigns for their Street-Level Surveillance project, as well as compiling The Foilies, EFF’s tongue-in-cheek awards for outrageous responses to Freedom of Information Act requests. Prior to the EFF, he wrote for weeklies across the southwest, reporting on everything from Texas death row to San Diego Comic Con. He also contributes to publications like Motherboard and Rolling Stone.

Maass holds a master’s degree in social anthropology from the University of Manchester and graduated with a degree in communications at Temple University’s Tokyo campus.


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