Electionpalooza 2016

Electionpalooza 2016

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, more than 40 Reynolds School of Journalism students and eight professors were part of the largest newsroom in Nevada producing stories, social media, audio and video about the 2016 election. All of the action took place in RSJ 110. Students brought their story ideas to faculty editors and came to talk them through as they worked to create their election content. More than 40 multimedia news stories were created and more than 67,000 people connected with our content.  Search the hashtag #RSJVOTE on Twitter to see some of the posts.

The room was buzzing.

Students and professors crowded over laptops and smartphones. There’s a discussion about how to get cable on the large monitor on the wall. CNNGo was on but the free preview expired after ten minutes. CBS Live was the next choice.

Questions about grammar and fact-checking bounced from the computers in the back to tables in the front. Classmates congratulated each other on recently published stories and professors help students flesh out election stories.

From eight in the morning to ten in the evening, the news studio in the Reynolds School of Journalism functioned as more than a classroom for the day. Professors and students gathered to help bounce story ideas and answer questions.

Mauricio Rojas Durand, a graduate student at the Reynolds school, said it’s a great opportunity for students. “The quality of stories that are being produced here in such a small time, it’s really outstanding,” he says.

Corrie Clapsaddle, a senior, felt similarly. “I’ve never been a part of anything like this before,” She says. “I feel like a ‘for real’ journalist. When you’re all collectively working in a newsroom, covering something as important as presidential election, it has a sense of authority to it.”

Here’s a snippet of some of the election coverage on Twitter.


Visit https://medium.com/rsjvote to experience the work.

Pictures from Electionpalooza can be found on Facebook.

Infographic highlighting some of the Electionpalooza action created by RSJ undergraduate student Krysta Scripter.


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