Mensing, Donica


Mensing, Donica

Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Office Location: RSJ 303D

Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4198

Donica Mensing is the Associate Dean for the Reynolds School. She is also an Associate Professor teaching a variety of courses, from the introductory class in journalism to a graduate seminar in interactive publishing. Recently her focus has been on networked journalism and what it means for journalism education, for journalists and for communities.

Donica is an accomplished researcher and has presented a variety of research papers at recognized journalism-focused conferences. A sample of her research papers include: “Popularity Is Not The Same Thing as Influence: A Study if the Bay Area News System,” “Rethinking Journalism Education,” “Participatory Journalism and the Transformation of News,” and “Doing Journalism Together: Experiments in collaborative news gathering.”

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