Yun, Gi Woong

Gi Woong Yun headshot

Yun, Gi Woong

Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced Media Studies

Office location: RSJ 303F

Office Phone: (775) 784-4192

Gi Woong Yun joined the Reynolds School in 2016 from Bowling Green State University.

His research focuses on internet as media. The topics of Yun’s publications range from social psychological theories of communication, internet research methodology, social media, and social network analysis to big social media data analysis. He enjoys thinking about tools and theories developed by communication researchers.

Yun also spends time working on Web applications and running several websites. He likes to incorporate computers in his social psychological approaches in the communication field and has fun with students working on class and research projects.

Yun received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His Journalism and Mass Communication undergraduate degree is from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea.