Fall 2018 Special Course Spotlight: Media and Health Messaging

Fall 2018 Special Course Spotlight: Media and Health Messaging

Communicating for a health organization can mean delivering unfortunate news to a group. Students like Karly Puccinelli practiced this skill in Laura Crosswell’s Media and Health Messaging course.

“Getting up in front of a group isn’t easy,” Puccinelli said. “Getting up in front of a group to address bad news isn’t any easier. Now is the time to gain early experience and learn how to deal with these unavoidable situations.”

Laura Crosswell headshotIn fall 2018, Crosswell will teach Media and Health Messaging on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. This course will give students the chance to learn more about communication theories, various health messaging approaches and ways to assist a health-affiliated organization with messaging. It will also prepare them for a public relations or communications career at health-affiliated organizations such as hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies.

Puccinelli said it allowed her to be exposed to an actual health-related communications case study and dive into its details.

“This class will teach students to shift their thinking to minor details, from the early stages of research to planning to implementation to evaluation,” Puccinelli said. “Reynolds students will gain the skills to pay attention to detail that will create impactful health messages.”

Students who take this class will be able to put themselves in situations they might face in the future. They will be assigned a role related to the heath case and address a specific problem found in the case at hand, allowing them to further their leadership and communication skills.

To sign up for Media and Health Messaging, register through MyNevada and search for JOUR 490A.1001 under the “search” tab.


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