Fall 2018 Special Course Spotlight: Promoting Latinas/os through the Eyes of the Media

Fall 2018 Special Course Spotlight: Promoting Latinas/os through the Eyes of the Media

In journalism, media and popular culture alike, cultural sensitivity has risen to the frontline over the years. From Dora the Explorer to Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Jennifer Lopez to El Stinko, there’s an underlying depiction and understanding of Latinas/os that spark much-needed conversation. The fall 2018 special course Promoting Latinas/os through the Eyes of the Media is the first course in the bilingual media track. It will dive into the discussion of culture and identity in media. The course, taught by Ezequiel Korin, runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4:15 p.m. and is a must-take for those interested in looking at different forms of media and culture through a critical eye. 

The importance of understanding cultural diversity in media

This class stresses that understanding cultural diversity is necessary for students who wish to develop and further enrich engaged communications. This class will focus on fascinating processes through which the media have transformed Latin American immigrants and their descendants under the homogenized umbrella of ‘Latinas/os’ as well as the implications of that transformation both good and bad. Students will walk away with an understanding of Latina/o identity in media, allowing them to further develop their cultural sensitivity.

This class is a unique way to study culture

“Personally, I think this course could be one of those ground-shaking moments students should encounter more often during their undergraduate studies. The area is great and tremendously fun and interesting,” Korin said.

The syllabus for this course allows students to think critically about TV shows, Instagram and Twitter posts, magazines, YouTube videos, ads, memes and much more—any piece of media that has a cultural aspect.

Here’s how it will prepare you for the real world

“This course prepares students for the workplace both on general and specific levels,” Korin said. “It provides a rich basis from which to develop cultural sensitivity and it is centered around an in-depth exploration of Latinas/os and their representation in the media.”

Learning about cultural sensitivity builds a good basis for understanding Latinas/os, who make up a significant portion of the local and national population. It will also give students instruction in three skill areas that are assets in the workplace: critical media literacy, media analysis and diversity in communication.

Here’s what to expect

Students who take this class will have the opportunity to unpack media products (like TV shows and music) and identify how common perceptions about Latinas/os came about. Students will also engage with various media products and analyze them as reasons for the place that Latinas/os hold in a social setting. Through fieldwork activities and in-depth topical exploration, students will be able to develop proficiency in key skill areas vital to the real world.

“Being completely honest,” Korin said, “it’s going to be too much fun. This is a course I’d like to take if I had the chance for a do-over at my BA. So, since I can’t take this course, I might as well teach it.”

To sign up for Promoting Latinas/os through the Eyes of the Media, register through MyNevada and search for JOUR 490A.1002 under the “search” tab.


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