Fall 2018 Special Course Spotlight: Web Design for Social Engagement

Fall 2018 Special Course Spotlight: Web Design for Social Engagement

Over the years, journalism and communications has transitioned from being a primarily print medium to a corner stone of the digital landscape. While there is no shortage of discussion as to why or how this happened, professor Katherine Hepworth will help Reynolds School students get ready to take on the digital world with her fall 2018 special course Web Design for Social Engagement. The course will be taught on Tuesdays from 3 to 5:45 p.m. and is perfect for students, regardless of their track, who want to build an interactive, standalone investigative journalism website from start to finish.

If you’re interested in interactive journalism, coding or web design, this class is for you. Plus, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with history students at the university to investigate and tell the stories of Reno’s iconic neon signs.

This class will change perspective

Not only will you be able to learn how to work on building an interactive website from scratch in a collaborative environment, but you will also gain some perspective on the industry. According to Hepworth, you will be able to expand your thinking about the possibilities of journalism and its many forms through an equal mixture of writing, coding, contemporary photography, reporting and use and attribution of historical texts. You will also learn how to use archival photography, photos and documents that have been documented and archived by historical societies and institutions, to help flesh out the historical context of Reno’s iconic neon signage.

Here’s how it will prepare you for the real world

Digital skillsets are becoming more and more important for journalists and communications professionals alike. As Hepworth puts it, employers need journalism and strategic communication students with advanced content management system skills, front-end coding skills, visual communication skills and the ability to work in diverse teams.

Here’s what to expect

This class consists of one big group interactive project with individual weekly assignments, combining the benefits of group and individual work. Plus, you’ll take away some of these skills: web design, basic front-end coding, interview skills, working with researchers, information architecture, advanced content management system skills and experience in visual communication strategy.

While web design may seem intimidating for some, it will most certainly be worth it. For more information or to register for Web Design for Social Engagement, JOUR 308.1001, visit: my.nevada.unr.edu.

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