Ken Doctor delivers informative Newsonomics presentation (WITH VIDEO)

Ken Doctor delivers informative Newsonomics presentation (WITH VIDEO)

On Wednesday, September 11, The Reynolds School welcomed Newsonomics author Ken Doctor to Studio A, our newly renovated production facility.

Doctor was the first Center for Advanced Media Studies speaker to visit the School this academic year. The CAMS speaker series began in 2012 with the objective to bring knowledgeable industry experts to The Reynolds School to discuss the central issues in our field with our students, faculty, and the community.

Today, there is no bigger issue than the disruption of traditional media business models.

If you’re a media organization anywhere in the world looking for a way forward, or a journalist looking for a source to explain why Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, or a journalism school looking for someone to help make sense of the digital transformation, you call Ken Doctor.

In the past year, Ken has worked with companies and spoken to groups on four continents. His book – Newsonomics: 12 New Trends that will shape the news you get – has been translated into Mandarin, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. His analysis is a must-read on his Newsonomics site and on Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab site.

His professional experience includes more than 20 years with Knight Ridder, including vice president for Knight Ridder digital.

As our speaker himself puts it: “It’s an unprecedented time in American journalism, and I’m happy to have a front-row seat.” 

Watch Ken Doctor’s presentation here if you were unable to attend the event.

Newsonomics of Crossover from Reynolds School of Journalism on Vimeo.

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