MARS Inc. video presentation

MARS Inc. video presentation

On Thursday, Nov. 21, more than 150 guests gathered in the Theater of the Joe Crowley Student Union to learn business best practices from David Kamenetzky, vice president for corporate affairs and strategic initiatives for the global manufacturer Mars, Incorporated, and Howard Guttman, founder and principal of Guttman Development Strategies, a New Jersey-based management consulting firm.

The program titled, “Building a High-Performance Team for Brand Management and Corporate Affairs,”  examined how corporate affairs departments of corporations occupy the hot seat in the organizations they serve. Kamenetzky and Guttman discussed how the corporate affairs department is the company’s public voice and presence in its dealings with key stakeholders, including the media, investors, financial analysts, consumers, government and regulators, and community groups. They also discussed how collaboration – not only externally, but within the company – often working cross-functionally to build information networks and garner support.

Using the Mars, Incorporated case study, the duo demonstrated how corporate affairs in this organization is the ultimate high-performing team, one that is strategically aligned with the corporate direction; has clear goals and ground rules for decision making; and views its accountabilities not in narrow functional terms, but in terms of advancing the agenda of all units and functions in the organization.

To learn more from Kamenetzky and Guttman please watch their presentation.

Building a High-Performance Team for Corporate Affairs and Brand Management from Reynolds School of Journalism on Vimeo.

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