Journalism internship

This form is for mentors to evaluate their interns. Please fill out this form to the best of your capability, the information will help us to improve both the intern and future students.

  • Professionalism

  • Students take advantage of internships at varying skill levels. The mission of the Reynolds School of Journalism is to teach its students to think critically and to apply that thinking to the collection, organization and communication of information through the public media. Analytical thinking is essential to clear writing, which is at the heart of good journalism. It is also reflected in other forms of communication that are accurate, relevant, creative and coherent. The following helps the students understand how to apply that knowledge in their field and your feedback helps provide guidance for our students.
  • Grasp of grammar and writing; investigation and research, etc.
  • Please evaluate the overall performance of the student with the most accurate description from below.
  • Please state briefly your reasons for this rating. Factors such as attendance, competence, attitude, progress and initiative could be considered for improvement.