2017 Student Projects: interning at Stan Can Design

2017 Student Projects: interning at Stan Can Design
Reynolds School student, Miguel Arucan, took an internship at Stan Can Design this summer. He says Reynolds School professors helped him notice his passion for visual storytelling, and he’s now working toward developing skills to move his career forward. Before interning at Stan Can Design he had an eye for design and would often design for fun in his free time. Below are three designs Arucan created in his first years of designing. He said that looking back on these, he realizes how much he learned from the Reynolds School.
Magazine inspired poster designs by Miguel

Q: What was your inspiration for doing this internship?

A: I think my inspiration for doing this internship would not only be because of my passion for graphic design but also the things that I do during my free time: looking over social media. I’ve always seen myself gravitating to social media, especially YouTube and seeing how ‘digital stars’ brand themselves. In other words, it’s fascinating how they advertise themselves to the general audience successfully. For instance, the most subscribed YouTubers have the basic journalism skills set that they probably didn’t even know they had. They engage with the audience by following trends and analyzing what people search on the internet for entertainment.

Q: Who encouraged you or helped you get this internship off the ground? How did they do that?

A: My professors from the Reynolds School helped me get this off the ground. They reassured me that my passions for creating graphics, videos, photography and anything multimedia are a way of communicating to the audience and are crucial to hook the readers.

Q: Is this internship going to help your future career path? How so?

A: Definitely! It is helping me gain a perspective on the behind-the-scenes of advertising. I’ve learned on how brands mark their place from their logo to their mission statement. Because of this, I know to focus on the trends to have active engagements with the audience.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to anyone who might want to do a similar internship?

A: My piece of advice is first to find out what you do during your downtime. After, reach out to resources, see how you can improve on this by keeping up with trends and remake the things that inspire you. Just make something out of it! This way, whatever work you might be assigned to won’t be ‘work’ to you.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part about this experience?

A: What’s rewarding about this experience is seeing the finished product where the audience can engage with whatever I’ve done. I’ve always found it interesting on how the audience reacts to the things that I’ve done. I was a graphic designer from the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, and it was amusing to see my designs up on the jumbotron. Now that I’m interning for Stan Can Design, I have the opportunity to come up with something that will reach a bigger audience from small businesses that want to rebrand to the giant billboard in Colfax, California.
I stress the importance of visual journalists. I understand that it’s somewhat new to the industry, but the increase of social-media-based news makes the use of visuals indispensable to the industry. I worked with NPR’s Next Generation Radio boot camp and while it was focused for news journalists, having the presence of a visual journalist makes a substantial impact on the story. The use of charts, graphs, photos, videos, audio and any visual components directly help the stories come to life.

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