Reynolds School of Journalism Website Redesign RFQ

Reynolds School of Journalism Website Redesign RFQ

Reynolds School of Journalism Website Redesign RFQ



To update our existing website in order to reflect the School’s “All Things Media” brand promise and better serve the School’s three key audiences: current students, prospective students and alumni/donors.  Our goal is to update the look and feel of our website to better serve our audiences.

Website Redesign RFQ

As an educational unit the Reynolds School of Journalism has a modest budget to put towards this website redevelopment. Please include an overall value of estimated costs and timeline associated with the project along with your RFQ response.

Submission Details and Deadline

RFQ responses are due on or before December 22, 2014 at 5 p.m. PST. Please submit a package that includes the project’s cost estimate for total number of hours and vendor hourly rate to with the subject line “RFQ Response for Website.”  Interested vendors can reach out to Jill Stockton, Reynolds School of Journalism communications specialist, directly with any questions via email at


The Reynolds School of Journalism has had a WordPress site since August 2013. It is a WordPress CMS version 3.5.1. It has had a good run, but we are ready for an upgrade. The Reynolds School went from a University-based CMS to WordPress in 2013 in order to more easily mange content and make updates on the site. Since transferring to WordPress, the site is much better than its predecessor, more user friendly and generally liked by faculty, staff, current and prospective students and alumni and donors.  However, there are several key things missing that need to be added in order to better serve our key audiences.  Finally, we’d like to stay with WordPress and think we should be able to keep the basic structure. We’d like to see the customization be a child theme, so the RSJ Team could upgrade to new versions of WordPress without killing the site.

We are interested in hiring a Web designer and developer – ideally, one person with both skill sets – who can configure the site to achieve the following overall goals:

  • Better menu/navigation
  • Improved content organization
  • Improved WordPress backend to enable the RSJ team to make updates on their own and optimize content ongoing

Functional Needs

  • Analyze the three main sections of the site: homepage, students page, and courses page
  • Redesign news and events on the homepage

What we know:

We know, based on Google analytics, the most popular pages on the site are the faculty/staff page and the courses page. In our student interviews/focus groups, students requested to see a “faculty call out section” on the site. They want to know what faculty are doing and what achievements they are being recognized for. Students would also like to ensure the Quick Links continue to be readily available.

Based on student focus groups, faculty feedback and user analytics, here’s what we need done:

Homepage redesign

We want a visually stronger homepage with better content organization, search capabilities and more logical categorizations to allow our users to browse relevant content easier. This may include an option to embed video as needed.

We’d also like to have a good archive with a browsable history of our events and posts. This functionality is really helpful when it comes time to do accreditation for the program and for other reports to funders, etc.

Improve menu navigation to add menu items as needed, depending on campaigns or other needs throughout the year, e.g. Adding the graduate program when we’re recruiting students.

Events Calendar

Style and format upcoming events on homepage, and research and install a more robust event’s calendar for continued flexibility.

The RSJ needs an Events page with a calendar view and upcoming events list view. We’d also like to have EventBrite integrated into the calendar. We’d like to be able categorize our events. We have many “one-time” events and several recurring events that take place annually.

Rework the events page design to include photos and videos for each event and allow for easier browsing of events and categories.


Rework news/blog section of site to include sidebar categories, pagination, tagging, social sharing, social commenting and search.

Students Section

Rework the “Students” page with a more fluid and attractive design We are interested in having the potential developer/designer evaluate the Students Page and suggest improvements to enhance design and create a more fluid user experience.

Add functionality to the courses pages for dates, times, class location.

Sort courses and/or faculty by three tracks of study (news, strategic communication, visual communication).

Show requirements for each course.

Related content: Pull in professor information from faculty page onto each courses page by enabling a tagging system in the backend.

Build page for curated student content

This page would live in the Students section of the site where the RSJ team would manually post content they curate and find to demonstrate the professional level work undergraduate and graduate students produce while studying at the School.

Modify internship page allowing internships to be segmented/filtered/searchable by paid v. unpaid.

Social Media integration

Add Reynolds School Facebook and Twitter feeds to the homepage and style accordingly.

Branded RSJ Newsletter

Build and design Reynolds School of Journalism newsletter templates, one for each key audience: prospective students, current students and alumni/donors.

Research and recommend a newsletter platform and upon approval by RSJ, install and launch first email campaign.

The Reynolds School has email listservs it can import to the database, but many of the contacts are outdated (especially for students and alumni). The RSJ would like an opt-in feature to be included in the newsletter design. We’d also like to add a “subscribe to our newsletter” feature to a prominent spot on the RSJ homepage.

The Technical Details

Our current site has 441 published blog posts and would like to have all of these posts migrated to the new site so no historical entries are lost. Many of our posts are set to Uncategorized currently.

Usable Assets

The Reynolds School has a considerable amount of photography available.

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