Special Topics Spring 2018: JOUR 490B.1002 Data Visualization for Social Change

Special Topics Spring 2018: JOUR 490B.1002  Data Visualization for Social Change

When it comes to register for classes, there are many options that can lead to stressful decisions. To help you glide through it, here’s a look at what’s in store this Spring for Katherine Hepworth’s Data Visualization for Social Change class that will take place Wednesdays from 4 to 6:45 p.m.

What students should take this class?

Students with a passion for building visual communications skills. Students with an interest in applying strategic visual communication skills to work for non-profit clients. Students who want to strengthen their visual data reporting skills.

What will I get out of this class?

One of the key aspects of this class is learning to ethically and strategically represent data for an audience. This class will not only teach you how to strategically showcase data, but how to do so ethically in order to prepare you for the workforce.

Poster designed by Katherine Hepworth's previous students

Students designed this poster for Eddy House in Reno as a part of a past Digital Visualization class that Hepworth taught.

What skills will I leave the semester with?

You will leave this class with strengthened digital visualization skills and experience working with data to solve real-world local issues.

How will this class shift my thinking?

Data increasingly crucial for all communication professions. This class will teach you how visualizing data is a key skill for analyzing and sharing data in a way that people can easily understand.

Why does Katherine Hepworth want to teach this class?

“Learning to create effective and strategic data visualizations is a unique kind of literacy that really strengthens a students’ communication skill set,” she said. “I love knowing that taking this class helps propel students’ visual communication and enables them to harness data in their communication goals in a very effective way.”

How will this class prepare me for the workforce?

This class will help you not only understand data, but how to convey data in a way that others will understand. This will give you a leg up in the workforce, as many people don’t understand how to portray data in a fun and welcoming way for an audience.

How is this class different than others?

In this class, there will be fun and exciting activities such as communication principles poker, individual twitter visualizations, Pecha Kucha presentations and paper prototyping.

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