State Demographer seeks student worker

State Demographer seeks student worker

Jeff Hardcastle, the Nevada State Demographer, is looking for students interested in working for him during the 2014 Spring Semester and beyond.  At this time, he is looking for student help on an hourly basis.  He is open to hiring someone with either publication and writing skills or data analysis skills, or a combination of both.

For the writing skills he is looking for someone that can complete putting together follow-up reports at the state level to a number of national census briefs.   He is also looking to update a Nevada publication from the 1960’s that looked at census and economic data to show how Nevada had changed since it’s founding.   He does not expect someone to be a subject matter expert in these topics, but wants someone who embodies the ability for critical thinking and report writing. He also needs someone skilled with MS Publisher or other forms of desktop publishing software as well as WordPress.

Database skills for querying the various Census Public Use Microset (PUMS) data sets would be helpful but is not required.

For the data analysis skills, he is looking for someone with strong math skills and who may be familiar with econometrics.  Ideally the person would have some advanced algebra knowledge.   Database development skills would be helpful as well.   He is looking for this position to help with the age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin estimates and projections.

Again, in both cases, Jeff is not looking for a subject matter expert, but for someone who is willing to learn as they go and build on what they learn while working on these projects.  I use the Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) model and one previous student employee used that in her thesis.  He is open to the student using any of their work or access to data for either thesis or papers and he is happy to work with their advisor on such projects.

The Office of The State Demographer is guided by Nevada Revised Statutes with four main duties:

  • Producing annual population estimates;
  • Producing annual population projections;
  • Age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin estimates and projections;
  • And cooperating in the conduct of the census.  

The office also, to the extent that time and staff allow, responds to data inquiries and produces data products for the general public through website distribution.

Interested students should submit their resume to Jeff Hardcastle via email .   If interested, Jeff will contact the student applicant for a writing sample, a possible test, and an interview.   Pay is dependent on qualifications and follows UNR student wage guidelines.  

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