Student Perspectives: PRSSA students attend national conference

Student Perspectives: PRSSA students attend national conference

By: Lyn Hernandez, Reynolds School senior

After extensive fundraising and generous donor support, on Oct. 9-14, several Reynolds School students were given the opportunity to attend the Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA) 2014 National Conference held in Washington, D.C.

PRSSA Nevada students said the best aspect of such a great opportunity, other than traveling to a new place, was being able to network with other students working towards a career in public relations. Their new perspectives and the information shared was insightful. The other benefit of attending the conference was being able to attend breakout sessions and learn from some of our nations most experienced public relations professionals.

“The conference provided me with the opportunity to network with an extensive group of young up-and-coming professionals, but the most important thing that I took away from this experience was being able to create bonds and build new relationships with like-minded individuals in such a short amount of time,” said Athalia Torres-Manzano, 21, Reynolds School senior.

Both PRSSA and PRSA sessions emphasized that the skill most valued for professionals, other than passion and flexibility, was one that we’ve been working on at the Reynolds School since day one — Storytelling!

“The Reynolds School has really provided me with the skills current professionals are looking for by giving me a foundation in journalism,” said Cari Holmes, 24, Reynolds School senior.

The Reynolds School is one of a small group of colleges at the University that prides itself on preparing its student’s for the professional world while in school.

By immersing students in the culture of the industry and requiring professional-level work in classes leading up to graduation, students are groomed and shaped to become valuable and fully functioning members of the industry teams they aspire to join.

“My biggest takeaway from this eye opening experience helped reinforce the strength of receiving an education from the Reynolds School,” said Lyn Hernandez, 21, Reynolds School senior. “I’ve feared, like many of my fellow students, that perhaps I may be unprepared for the realities of my career. After attending the conference and learning what potential employers are looking for I feel confident that I will land a job after I graduate.”

“I learned from a variety of PR professionals at the conference, that all Reynolds School students will be better than okay after graduation, because we’ve been so well prepared.”

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