NOTE: If you are changing from another major or from undeclared status, you will also need to fill out a university “Declaration/Change of Major” form.

The Reynolds School: Application to move from Pre-Journalism to Major status

    1. Complete the pre-major core consisting of these four classes:
      1. Jour 107: All Things Media: Fundamentals
      2. Jour 108: All Things Media: Design
      3. Jour 207: All Things Media: Words and Numbers
      4. Jour 208: All Things Media: Images and Sounds
    2. Earn a C or better in each of the pre-major classes, and a 2.5 GPA overall in your pre-major journalism classes.
    3. Earn a GPA of 2.5 overall.
    4. Complete this application and turn it into the Associate Dean’s office, RSJ 303.
    5. If you are transferring to the journalism program from another major, complete the online UNR Declare/Change of Major form. If you are a journalism pre-major student, you do not need to take this additional step.
    • If you are enrolled in your fourth pre-major journalism course, and have maintained a 2.5 GPA in your previous journalism courses (earning a C or better in each course) and a 2.5 GPA in your overall work at the university, you will be accepted provisionally.
    • Once the grades for your final pre-major journalism course have been posted, we will confirm your major status.
    • If you have not earned the required 2.5 GPA or higher, you will need to meet with Assoc. Dean Donica Mensing ( for other options.
  • All students who major in journalism must take six upper-division elective classes, two of which must be at the 400-level. We encourage you to choose an area of emphasis for your electives, but you are free to take classes from all three to customize your courses with your interests. However, we recommend taking three to four classes in one emphasis so you graduate with a strong foundation in a specific area of journalism. The emphases are:
    1. News ­­– Print, digital, broadcast, narrative, data and social journalism, long form writing, advanced and specialized reporting and writing, news labs.
    2. Strategic Communications – Includes public relations, advertising, integrated marketing communications.
    3. Visual / Interactive – Includes visual communication, graphic design, information design theory, game design, photojournalism, Web design.
  • So that we may determine your eligibility for certain scholarships, and to anticipate demand for various courses, which of the following emphases are you most likely to focus on?
  • In addition to completing six upper-division electives, you also have to complete three additional core journalism classes:
    • JOUR 305 – Media Ethics
    • JOUR 401 – First Amendment & Society
    • JOUR 499 – Professional Internship
  • For your next semester, we recommend enrolling in at least two journalism courses. One should be in your chosen track, and the second one can be a requirement, such as JOUR 305 (Media Ethics). For news:
    • JOUR 318 – Narrative Journalism, JOUR 319 – Data Journalism or JOUR – 320 Social Journalism.
    For strategic communications:
    • JOUR 351 – Introduction to Strategic Communications Principles. This course is the prerequisite for all additional courses in this emphasis.
    For visual/interactive:
    • JOUR 300 – (Online course) Introduction to Visual Communication.
  • Priority Deadlines: March 1 for spring applications October 1 for fall applications