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Reynolds School of Journalism students must include a 3-credit internship as part graduating requirements. We appreciate those in the media industry who afford students the opportunity to learn and build their skills. All Things Media covers everything from traditional news narrative to brand journalism, from visual communications to strategic communications and everything in between. Ideally interns are paid for their work. We understand not all companies are able to do this. We do expect that employers can pass the U.S. Department of Labor Intern Test.

Please contact Alison Gaulden via email or phone / 775-784-4459 with any questions. Note: Account not required for submitting internship/job.

If unpaid, position fulfills US Dept of Labor unpaid internship criteria and link.
Description of duties, limited to 500 words. Feel free to link to a website with more detail.
Define application requirements and process, including contact. Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.

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