Master’s Degree In Media Innovation

We offer a three-semester intensive graduate program for students who have a journalism/communications background and want to hone their skills to become next-generation media communicators. For students without journalism experience, we offer classes to prepare you for work in our graduate program.

Our program looks to the future, based on these observations

  • The evolution of mass media to networked media requires new practices and new skills that merge the enduring values of professional journalism with the emerging practices of networked communication.
  • Effective communicators are able to use digital technologies to engage participants, tell stories, analyze and visualize data and enable new forms of interactivity between citizens, journalists, media communicators and institutions.
  • Journalistic work now requires much more than an emphasis on producing stories: it requires empathy, participation, a sense of service and a keen appreciation for experimentation and entrepreneurship.

Students who complete this program will

  • Gain a deep understanding of how journalism is changing
  • Master a range of interactive new media tools
  • Practice user centered design thinking to develop new ways of doing journalism
  • Become proficient at social media and participatory communication
  • Gain valuable experience in thinking entrepreneurially about networked communication
  • Research, envision, and prototype a unique and innovative communication platform as a program option

Ira Glass presenting to students


The degree requires completing 33 credits of graduate credit, including a professional project. The program requires nine graduate courses and a summer internship. Most of our required courses are scheduled late in the day (4-7 p.m.) to make the program manageable for students with full-time employment. Read more about our curriculum.

Paul Mitchell


At the Reynolds School you will find a dedicated faculty committed to creating journalism that matters. We have a small program so you will have individualized study and plenty of contact with faculty. You will work closely with a select cadre of students who support one another within a collaborative and cooperative work environment.


Affordable Program

Tuition at the University of Nevada is more affordable than at many other schools in the country. In addition, we provide graduate assistantships on a competitive basis, this allows students to earn $1,000 per month, have out-of-state tuition fees waived and reduced per-credit charges.

“It inspired me to take different routes in my career”

Proven Track Record

Graduates of our program have gone on to great successes and often attribute the school for equipping them with creative problem solving skills and an innovative mind set. Graduates have taken jobs as social media managers, community organizers, business developers, entrepreneurial journalists, content strategists, multimedia creators, reporters, writers, and public relations professionals.

Ariel photo of Nevada Campus

Rich Outdoor Environment

Our campus is less than an hour away from some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, like the Black Rock desert and Lake Tahoe. We learn in an environment that encourages exploration and recreation. Outside magazine, called UNR one of the top places to study, saying “with 79 percent possible sunny days per year and a trove of places to ski, hike, raft, paddle, sail, and tube, Nevada’s student body gets out a lot…”

Reynolds School of Journalism

Excellent Facilities

You will work in a beautiful building in a lab specifically set aside for graduate students, a part of our recent $8 million renovation project. Each student is assigned a dedicated lab computer during the program as well as a Nikon DSLR camera, with video cameras and audio equipment available for check out during the program.

For more information about the program, contact:

Howard Goldbaum, director of graduate studies / 775-784-4434, or complete the form below.


Goldbaum, Howard

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Office Location: RSJ 303E Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4434 Howard Goldbaum has been a member of The Reynolds School faculty since 2003. He is currently serving as the Director of the Reynolds School Graduate Program. Howard enjoys the burgeoning sense of communications enrichment that students undergo when they understand that they’ve acquired fluency in a […]