Journalism internship

Current Cohorts


Anthony Ciaramella

Anthony is a native Nevadan, born and raised in Reno. He received his undergraduate degree in Journalism, with a minor in Spanish from UNR. He recently lived in Madrid, Spain for a year and a half, working as an English teacher at an elementary school. Anthony started his career working in marketing and strategic communications for a start-up company in Reno called Canine Cuties. He has also worked for the Northern Nevada Literacy Council, helping older adults to obtain their GED. Anthony has a passion for traveling, photography and outdoor activities, especially skiing. His dream job would be to become a journalism professor at a university. He wants to use his time at the Reynolds School to begin that process, to grow his understanding of strategic communications and to redefine his career goals. Anthony uses his free time going rock climbing, skiing and reading. His favorite book is Church of Spies.



Candice Vialpando

Candice hails from Johannesburg, South Africa and has also lived in Idaho. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Film and TV live performance at AFDA, the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance. Candice started her career creating training videos for a telecommunications company in South Africa and now works as a teaching assistant for a multimedia class at UNR. Candice has a strong passion for music, dancing, reading and writing. She hopes to become a public relations agent, a social media manager or work for a local radio station. Candice wants to use her time at the Reynolds School as a general learning experience, and to improve her writing skills to use them in public relations. During her free time, Candice enjoys spending time with her husband outdoors, watching movies and learning more about animals.



Katherine Roberti

Katie was born in Reno, and grew up on a hay and cattle ranch in the Sierra Valley. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Communication at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The summer of her junior year she studied in London. While earning her undergraduate degree Katie worked as an associate editor and graphic designer at the Brock Center for Agricultural Communication in San Luis Obispo. This past summer, she had the opportunity to intern for three different cattle breed associations: the American Hereford Association, the American Maine-Anjou Association, and the American Chianina Association. She has previously interned for the National Western Stock Show and the California Cattlemen’s Association. Katie is passionate about the agriculture industry, specifically about California agriculture and the beef industry. She wants to use her graduate education to be at the forefront of communications, as a successful spokeswoman for agriculture. During her free time, Katie enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, listening to “Red Dirt Country” music and exploring the world.


Ashley Nickole Andrews

Ashley was born in California and has lived in Reno for the last ten years. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a degree in Marketing from the College of Business at UNR. Ashley works as an event and web presence manager for the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. Her passion is to use marketing and public relations principles to communicate research-based horticulture information. Her goal is to grow healthy, beautiful Nevada communities. Ashley will use her graduate degree to further her career in Cooperative Extension. During her free time, Ashley loves to garden, read and spend time with her family.



Mauricio Rojas Durand

Mauricio is originally from Lima, Peru but has spent time living and traveling around the world. He has lived in Vermont, has studied in Helsinki, Finland and stayed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He completed his undergraduate degree in Communications at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, in Lima. Mauricio’s career experience includes different areas of media and communications. He has worked as a communications assistant for a NGO related to regional cuisine and cooking in Peru. He was a logistic assistant and communicator in his hometown university, within the Faculty of General Studies. He recently worked as a marketing assistant for a financial company and now works as a project assistant at UNR. Mauricio has a strong passion for traveling, photography, movies and languages. He is bilingual in English and Spanish. He wants to become a travel journalist and work in marketing, project coordination and media strategies. He hopes to use his graduate degree to look into strategic communication and to redefine his career goals towards journalism and marketing. Mauricio spends his free time reading, walking, watching movies and traveling.


Ruben Kimmelman

Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ruben has spent time living in Washington, Colorado and Alaska. He completed his undergraduate degree in Marketing at the University of New Mexico. His passions involve reading, writing and music. Ruben is passionate about snowboarding, which led him to work as a snowboard instructor. He currently works as a teaching assistant for UNR. He plans to use his time at the Reynolds School to redefine his career goals towards journalistic writing. Ruben’s dream job would be to write features on social and political issues around the United States. Ruben spends his free time reading books, surfing the Internet and playing sports.


Nisha Sridharan

Nisha was born and grew up in Chennai, India. She received her undergraduate degree in Information Technology Engineering from the Anna University, in Chennai, India. Nisha started her career working as a reporter for India Express, as part of an internship at the newspaper. She has also worked as a content writer at Doodle Blue, an application development company in India. Nisha’s passions involve reading and writing and singing Indian classical music. Nisha’s dream is to work as an editor at a fashion magazine and ultimately to create such a magazine herself. Nisha would like to redefine her career goals throughout her time at the Reynolds School. During her free time, she loves reading novels, going shopping and exploring new cuisines.


Breanne Standingwater

Breanne was born in Southern California and grew up in Colorado. She earned her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She currently works in University Events for the University of Nevada, Reno doing events for the President’s office and Development and Alumni Relations. She has a lifelong passion for graphic design and visual communication. She plans to use the time at the Reynolds School to expand her visual design knowledge. During her free time, Breanne enjoys gardening, traveling, and meeting cats.


Erin Collier

Erin Collier

Erin was born in South Lake Tahoe and lives in Sparks. She received her undergraduate degree in secondary education with an emphasis in English at Great Basin College. She also studied literature and theater in London. She worked as an Information Assistant for the Bureau of Land Management, and was also employed by the U.S. Forest Service. Erin is passionate about writing, reading and photography. When she graduates she wants to follow her passion and become a public affairs representative for the National Parks Service or a journalism instructor. She loves the outdoors: hiking, kayaking and traveling.


Molly Fitzpatrick

Molly Fitzpatrick

Molly was born and raised in Southern California. She received her undergraduate degree in social sciences from Washington State University. Prior to moving to Nevada she worked in sales and management in the fashion industry, including stints at Destination Maternity, White House Black Market, Chico’s, and Brighton Collectibles. Her creative outlets include writing, singing, and songwriting. Molly would like to strengthen her writing skills to pursue a career in public relations, or reporting and writing. During her free time she enjoys the beaches and recreational opportunities of Lake Tahoe, and spends time with her family and her dogs.

Kellie Lee

Kellie Lee

Kellie is a native Nevadan, hailing from Reno. She received her undergraduate degree in Spanish with a minor in communications from UNR. She lived in San Sebastián, Spain for fourteen months, where she focused upon Spanish language studies. She also lived in New York and San Diego. Kellie is an entrepreneur who owned two businesses: Nevada’s Women’s Directory and Drawn2Imagine Art Academy for Kids & Teens. Now she is a marketing specialist and a community outreach developer for Saint Mary’s Fitness Center. She loves water skiing, hiking, hunting, backpacking with her husband and friends, and triathlons. Her dream is to establish a business that will help people “find their bliss.” She plans to use the time at the Reynolds School to become an experienced writer and develop a new business idea.

Dylan Silver

Dylan Silver

Dylan grew up in Ferndale along the northern coast of California. He received his undergraduate degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University. After working as a digital associate for SPIN magazine in San Francisco, he moved to South Lake Tahoe where he worked as reporter and photographer for the Tahoe Daily Tribune. Now he works as a freelancer for Tahoe Quarterly, Outside Magazine and Amazon. During his free time, he enjoys outdoor sports such as snowboarding, surfing, swimming, hiking, paddle boarding, and fly-fishing. He is passionate about photography, reading good journalism, and following the news. His dream job is to be a travel editor for a national publication. During his graduate studies, Dylan plans to work on large media projects for his clients, a major feature story, and a documentary film.

Luka Starmer

Luka Starmer  

Luka was born in Upstate New York and lived in Sonoma, California. He received his undergraduate degree in writing from Ithaca College in New York. He formerly worked at a winery and at a ski school for the disabled. Currently, Luka lives in Tahoe City, California where he works in public relations for the High Fives Foundation. He enjoys sports and playing music in a rock band, or playing the fiddle on his own. He plans to combine his writing skills with visual design, all within a personal agenda of progressive social change. During his graduate journalism program he plans to become a better storyteller, using visual design to improve the quality of life in the communities he loves.


Kris Vagner

Kris Vagner

Kris grew up in Connecticut, earned an English degree in Arizona, studied art in Boston and Los Angeles, ran a photo gallery in Reno in the mid 2000s and taught art to kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. She now reports on arts, culture, parenting and outdoors in Reno and nearby regions. Kris is a frequent contributor to Reno News & Review, and she blogs on Double Scoop Art Blog. She’s published over 300 articles in local and regional outlets and earned grants and awards from the Nevada Press Association and Nevada Arts Council. She likes to bike, hike, camp and explore every lake, creek and trail of the Sierra Nevada, right in Reno’s back yard. This year her 12-year-old taught her how to ski.

Graduate Program Alumni Testimonials

Graduates of RSJ’s Media Innovation M.A. program have gone on to successful careers in interactive media, journalism, communications, and other fields.  What was their experience in the Graduate program? Where are our talented alumni now?

“It set me up for success”

“The program had something. Something new, something innovative, something fresh. They were really trying to prove themselves and their work as far as why journalism is important as a whole. I was exposed to different concepts like design thinking, developing empathy, solving problems, about pursuing people and helping them, which resonates well to what Journalism is all about.”

Jonathan Barragan was working as a communications specialist at University of Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) when he started his graduate studies. Currently, Barragan works in Digital Marketing for Flood Marketing, (Wyoming) and as a freelancer for startups and different agencies in town.

Alumnus Jonathan Barragan poses for the camera
“It inspired me to take different routes in my career”

“[The grad program] inspired me to take different routes in my career”

“We were able to do different activities that inspired what I’m doing now. At the Reynolds School, I was able to start learning and talking about new media and innovative ways to share and spread news. The people in my cohort were so inspiring. I tried things I’ve never tried before.”

Alexandra Hoeft had the intention to further her experience in Sports Journalism. Her summer internship changed her career approach to environmental journalism and community building for Nevada Land Trust. Hoeft is currently working as an Initiatives Coordinator for Nevada Land Trust and as a Public Outreach Specialist for the Nevada Department of Transportation.

“[The grad program] gave me an opportunity to explore Journalism”

“What attracted me to the grad program was the desire for collaborative experiences, and the willingness to learn about print, photography, videography and general storytelling. My best takeaway was the small intimate cohort that allowed me to get to know people well and collaborate with them. I like that we had the ability to sort our own paths: the classes and the tracks.”

Michelle Matus continued working as a freelancer after completing her graduate studies. She is now the membership coordinator for KUNR Reno Public Radio.

Reynolds School graduate program alumna Michelle Matus
Reynolds School Graduate Program Alumna Jeri Chadwell

“[The program] is constantly innovating”

“It embraces the idea of the future of journalism by people of our generation. Professors create an environment that gives you the sensation that you are working with colleagues and not with teachers. They give you a tremendous amount of freedom to explore.”

Jeri Chadwell-Singley worked as a freelancer for Reno Magazine and the Reno News and Review after completing her graduate studies. She is currently working as a Special Projects Editor for the Reno News and Review.

“[The grad program] helped take me up to the next levels in my skills”

“Achieving my master’s degree has made it possible for me to be hired to write college news. After studying at UNR with such great and accomplished professors, I feel proficient and ready for any and all projects in Communications.”

Patricia Bouweraerts currently works as a Marketing and Communications specialist at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Reynolds School Graduate Program Alumna Patricia Bouweraerts
Christine Seiber headshot

“Definitely do it”

“I considered other graduate schools, but when it came to the value and the amount of time that it would take to complete the program and the small, close net feeling that I got, it was worth it.”

Christine Seiber is currently working as a professor of Journalism at Tennessee Tech. She was offered a position right after she graduated from The Reynolds School graduate program.

“Use the [Reynolds School] grad program to go to the top”

“Everybody comes into the program with different needs. My want was to come out as a writer. The program was set up to allow me to do that.”

Brad Rassler is the Founding Editor of Sustainable Play, a long-form literary outdoor writing magazine celebrating the confluence of people, planet and play. He writes for Outside Magazine, Sierra Magazine and Alpinist Magazine.

Brad Rassler reading two different books at once
Regina Revazova

“UNR set me up on my career. They prepared me for this journey”

“What attracted me from the RSJ is that they were trying to do different things. They were experimenting but they were open to experiment.”

Regina Revazova has been working in public radio in the last four years. In 2017 she founded her own radio production company called Open Conversation.

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