Students holding cardboard virtual reality goggles

Multimedia Projects

Fall 2016

Fashion truck mock up, Fall 2016

RSJ Sandbox

by Nisha Sridharan

This magazine features a compilation of all the multimedia projects developed by graduate students on Fall 2016. Explore the projects throughout this interactive digital magazine.

My Life as a Cow

by Katie Roberti

Hello, I’m Cow 7022. I’m a happy beef cow who lives on the Roberti Ranch. Explore this site and watch the videos in virtual reality to learn more about the life of a female bovine in the Roberti Ranch.


by Mauricio Rojas Durand

 Times have changed for the LGBT people in the US. LGBTIAQ|You aims to identify stories from different denominations of the LGBT people in the Reno community. Through video interviews, Rojas Durand attempts to answer the question as to how the LGBT population is regarded in the community.

Reno Super Hero Collective media project

Reno Superhero Collective

by Anthony Ciaramella

The Reno Superhero Collective are individuals who exemplify characteristics of being a superhero. With pictures from people around Reno, Ciaramella features his photography editing skills in this comic-like story.

Illustration of the Reno sign.

Little Comes Before Big 

by Candice Vialpando and Breanne Standingwater

From food trucks to artists by the river, there is no doubt that street vendors are gaining traction in Reno. Reno has numerous food trucks events all throughout summer. Take a look at some of Reno’s small mobile businesses.

What’s in a name?

by Ruben Kimmelman

Autumn Harry’s last name was once somebody’s first. If you mention the name Harry on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation, people would think of one of the most prominent and pronounced Native American families in Northern Nevada. Kimmelman tells the story of the origin of Autumn Harry’s last name and its legacy.

Illustration of a farmer with the text Grow Yourself Healthy

Grow Yourself Healthy

by Ashley Nickole Andrews

Andrews presents data infographics, pictures and stories about the program that teaches an integrated nutrition and horticulture curriculum linked to education standards.