Why The Reynolds School?

From narrative writing and reporting, multimedia storytelling and production to advertising and public relations we prepare students for the many opportunities in today’s media-centric society.

The motto for the Reynolds School of Journalism is ‘All Things Media,’ because the School prepares students to work as ‘multimedia storytellers’ in the fast-changing fields of communication. Our graduates have distinguished themselves in news, in advertising and public relations, in social media and in video production and visual design. Six Reynolds School graduates have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, journalism’s highest honor.

We offer specializations in news and strategic communications.  All students learn the fundamentals of multimedia communication, using high-tech tools an time-tested techniques for information gathering and critical analysis. Students go on to develop higher-level abilities, as they produce professional quality work on real-world projects.  This emphasis on experiential learning gives our graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

The Reynolds School provides students with the foundation they need to succeed.  Small classes and the accessibility of our faculty provide the individual attention and mentoring vital to student success. They Reynolds School may just be the place for you to find what you need to succeed.

Journalism majors can expect career options within:

  • News or sports reporting
  • Advertising or public relations professions
  • Online media production, social media management, digital content management
  • Video, photography, graphic design

About the Journalism Major

You are a “pre-journalism major” until you’ve completed four journalism courses:

  1. JOUR 107 — All Things Media: Foundations
  2. JOUR 108 — All Things Media: Design
  3. JOUR 207  — All Things Media: Words and Numbers
  4. JOUR 208  — All Things Media: Images and Sounds

Once you have completed these four courses with a C or better, have a journalism GPA of 2.5 as well as a university GPA of 2.5, you can apply to be a journalism major by filling out a Declaration of Major form. They are available online and in the journalism Dean’s office (RSJ301).

About The School

The Reynolds School recently underwent an $8-million renovation, so students get to work with the latest in digital technology, including an HD-quality video studio. Our students get real-world experience by covering state government through our Nevada Media Alliance news service; and by developing communication campaigns for actual clients. For example, the Nevada Department of Transportation is using a safety campaign created by RSJ students.

We are the only journalism school in the nation to partner with NPR to train students for careers in public media. And, new for 2015, the Reynolds School is offering a new Health Communication program in partnership with the University of Nevada School of Medicine and Department of Psychology.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Discuss our undergraduate program with our recruitment coordinator, Paul Mitchell(pmitchel@unr.edu) at 775-784-4563.

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Paul Mitchell

Mitchell, Paul

Coordinator, Recruiting and Retention

Office Location: RSJ 301C Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4563 Paul Mitchell is the recruitment and retention coordinator and also teaches in the Reynolds School. In his role as recruitment and retention coordinator Paul oversees recruiting of new and transfer students and manages retention programs to ensure the academic success of Reynolds School students. Mitchell received […]