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Welcome to a school that is at the forefront of thinking, teaching and conducting research in the changing environment for information and communication. We hope you will consider joining us at this amazing time to learn, explore and contribute to a new future for journalism.

Our programs are designed to get students thinking about journalistic practices in the 21st century—what methods are working well and what traditional ideas may deserve another look. We value critical thinking and exploration of public media issues. We’re committed to encouraging diversity of ideas, faculty and students—and to creating an environment where excellence in teaching and research is recognized and rewarded.

Sound interesting? We’d be happy to talk with you about how to pursue journalism as a major.

We Are All Things Media

For information about admission to the university, check out the Admissions section of the university site. You can apply online on this page: Nevada applications.

You are considered a “pre-major” until you’ve completed four journalism courses:

  1. JOUR 107 — All Things Media: Foundations
  2. JOUR 108 — All Things Media: Design
  3. JOUR 207  — All Things Media: Words and Numbers
  4. JOUR 208  — All Things Media: Images and Sounds

Once you have completed these four courses with a C or better, have a journalism GPA of 2.5 as well as a university GPA of 2.5, you can apply to be a journalism major by filling out a Declaration of Major form. They are available online and in the journalism Dean’s office (RSJ301).

If you’d like to discuss our undergraduate program with our Recruitment Coordinator, please contact Paul Mitchell via email at or by phone 775-784-4563.

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Mitchell, Paul

Coordinator, Recruiting and Retention

Office Location: RSJ 301C Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4563 Paul Mitchell is the recruitment and retention coordinator and also teaches in the Reynolds School. In his role as recruitment and retention coordinator Paul oversees recruiting of new and transfer students and manages retention programs to ensure the academic success of Reynolds School students. Mitchell received […]