Twelve Tips to Magnify the Conference Experience

Twelve Tips to Magnify the Conference Experience

Many ASUN organizations and J-School clubs offer the opportunity to attend a conference. If you can attend, take advantage of the opportunity. If you’re an entry level employee, try to negotiate attendance at a conference in your field as part of your salary/benefits to keep abreast of trends in the industry, learn new techniques and expand your network. In addition to learning skills, conferences are a terrific opportunity to network with attendees, speakers and sponsoring exhibitors. You never know if you are meeting someone to collaborate with in the future, perhaps connecting with a future employer or employee, or just a resource for the work you do.

Some tips for magnifying your conference experience

Before you go:

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. You never know if you’ll met potential employers interested in working with you.
  2. Bring plenty of current business cards. If you’re a student, highlight your three key skills like “Copywriter, Photographer, Communications Strategist.” Be sure to include contact, portfolio and social media details.
  3. Always save ONE business card in your purse/wallet, or even take a picture of it, so when you run out, you’ll still be able to share the content.
  4. Plan for weather and wear layers – conference sites can be too hot or too cold.

When you’re there:

  1. Plan your schedule to include workshop attendance, speakers to meet, networking, down time.
  2. Set objectives: how many of the speakers do you want to meet; what exhibits/exhibitors do you need to connect with; what lessons do you want to learn? Plan your time accordingly.
  3. Share content via your top three social channels. Use the hashtags for the event. This both positions your professional brand, as well as helps the conference organizers create a meaningful experience for current and future attendees.
  4. Do NOT cause a Twitterstorm with thoughtless comments.
  5. Rest as needed and stay hydrated.
  6. Have fun-make, new friends, try new foods.

When you get home:

  1. Follow up. If you had a conversation, be sure to reach out following thru on whatever you discussed.
  2. Follow all your connections, the speakers, the exhibitors on all your social channels


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