All Staff Administration Faculty

Antoun-Becker, Laurice

Assistant Director of Development

Office Location: RSJ 301G Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4184 Laurice Antoun-Becker joined the Reynolds School in 2015 and works closely with Dean Al Stavitsky as well as her colleagues in University Development and Alumni Relations. Her role is to help connect the RSJ with its alumni and friends and to raise funds to support the School’s […]

Colbert-Trainor, Barbara

Assistant to the Dean

Office Location: RSJ 301 Office Phone Number: (775) 784-6531 Barbara Colbert-Trainer is the Reynolds School’s assistant to the Dean. In this role, Barbara plans, coordinates, and oversees all administrative, financial and event functions for the Reynolds School.

Dixon, Jean

Academic Advisor

Office Location: 303B Office Phone Number: 775-682-7644 Jean Dixon joined the Reynolds School in 2015. In her role as Academic Advisor she works closely with transfer, sophomore, junior and senior status students, helping them with course selection to ensure students take courses that meet graduation requirements. She is also available to students to answer registration […]

Echeto, Sally

Assistant to the Associate Dean & Faculty Administrative Assistant

Office Location: RSJ 303 Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4519 Sally Echeto joined the Reynolds School in 2004. She assists the faculty with course scheduling, travel, scholarships, listservs and other needs, and provides support to the Associate Dean.

Fagundes, Jessica

Communications Specialist

Office Location: RSJ 301A Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4783 Jessica Fagundes joined the Reynolds School in 2018. In her role as a communications specialist, Jessica is responsible for public relations, marketing, advertising, event promotion and management, as well as social media strategy, content creation and management for the school. She works with media to tell the […]

Goldbaum, Howard

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Office Location: RSJ 303E Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4434 Howard Goldbaum has been a member of The Reynolds School faculty since 2003. He is currently serving as the Director of the Reynolds School Graduate Program. Howard enjoys the burgeoning sense of communications enrichment that students undergo when they understand that they’ve acquired fluency in a […]

Mensing, Donica

Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Office Location: RSJ 303D Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4198 Donica Mensing is the Associate Dean for the Reynolds School. She is also an Associate Professor teaching a variety of courses, from the introductory class in journalism to a graduate seminar in interactive publishing. Recently her focus has been on networked journalism and what it means for […]

Mitchell, Paul

Coordinator, Recruiting and Retention

Office Location: RSJ 301C Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4563 Paul Mitchell is the recruitment and retention coordinator and also teaches in the Reynolds School. In his role as recruitment and retention coordinator Paul oversees recruiting of new and transfer students and manages retention programs to ensure the academic success of Reynolds School students. Mitchell received […]

Sorensen, Luke

IT Coordinator

Office Location: RSJ 119 Office Phone Number: (775) 784-4751 As the IT Coordinator for The Reynolds School, Luke Sorensen works with students, faculty and staff to insure the smooth operation of all RSJ technology. In addition, he also researches and coordinates the integration of emerging technologies to ensure the technical viability of our school’s resources […]

Stavitsky, Alan

Dean and Professor, Fred W. Smith Chair

Office Location: RSJ 301D Office Phone Number: (775) 784-6531 Alan G. Stavitsky became dean of the Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism and Center for Advanced Media Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno on April 1, 2012. A tenured full professor, he holds the Fred W. Smith Chair in Journalism at the Reynolds School and […]