Undergraduate Leonel Beas attends Excellence in Journalism Conference

Undergraduate Leonel Beas attends Excellence in Journalism Conference

Reynolds School undergraduate student Leonel Beas recently attended the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) 2013 Excellence in Journalism Conference.

Beas received hands-on training at the conference working with mentors who guided him through an intense news story creation process.

“My experience was amazing and I could not be prouder to have worked with such wonderful mentors, he said. “We were breaking stories in Orange County, Calif. and working in the newsroom between 14-16 hours every day.”

While at the conference Beas had the privilege to interview Sebastien De La Cruz, the young mariachi superstar sho was bombarded with racist tweets after he sang the National Anthem in Game 3 of the NBA finals.  

Watch Beas’ interview with Sebastien De La Cruz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gpKu847Bu0

He also wrote a feature story on New York Times reporter David Gonzalez who was inducted into the NAHJ Hall of Fame.

“The conference provided me with the opportunity to network with the best journalists in the nation and receive advice from them,” he said. “I was already passionate about journalism and now I want to work even harder to be a voice in my community and make a difference.”

He added, “I was one of 12 students in the nation to be part of the NAHJ Student Projects team,” Beas said. “According to the NAHJ mentors, we were the best of the best and I was the youngest student of the 12. I was extremely proud to represent the University of Nevada, Reno.”

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